You must be wondering, what are you guys? We are the craziest and most enthusiastic Planet Bored Ape in the Bored community. We believe that when people holding or not our nft, if they come together, things never imagined can happen. We know that the Bored community, despite being exclusive, can grow and we are here to help you and join the ecosystem. Now you must be wondering: - How will this ape do that? By becoming a holder of our token you will participate in an even more exclusive community, a community within the Bored world.
We will guide you through the entire process of entering the world, starting with the money, when holding our token, you will passively receive (BUSD), the total of 4% of all transactions will be reverted to this reward.
Now my PAPE friends must be talking to himself - All right! I saw that I will have the money. But how am I going to use the bored BUSD metaverse or buy land or stuff like that? That's the reason you need to be a Planet Bored Ape HODL and friend, bevause Apes together strong!
Last modified 8mo ago